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Games can be more. At LuGus Studios, we create games and experiences that are clever, beautiful, innovative and fun. Our games incorporate art, education, culture, medicine, history, science, and all things that go beyond mere entertainment.


With our team of talented professionals, we use innovative technology to a great extent and can efficiently develop games for a variety of platforms such as PC, Mac, mobile devices and the web.

LuGus Studios foresees a bright future for the burgeoning Belgian game industry and would love to help put it on the world map. Our team members share a passion for gaming, creative processes and a commitment to our industry.


We provide quality research and pre-production work, including detailed design documents, visual concepts and prototypes.


We master the complete production process from concept to full 2D or 3D product, including level design, animations, rendering and gameplay implementation.


We continue to support our products after delivery or release. This includes ports to new platforms, development of new content and adjustments to existing content.


Being a leader in innovation requires top notch research. With its strong research partnerships, LuGus Studios is always pushing game technology in new directions.

Clients & Partners

We have years of experience providing top notch game development services to companies around the world. Here are some of our clients and partners

Our Team

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    Our team

    About Our team

    LuGus Studios has a team of talented core members and freelancers. Our team consists of people who are not just good at what they do, but who also have motivation, passion and a professional attitude.

    If you want to be part of this awesome team, you can send in your curriculum along with a sample of your work. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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    Kevin Haelterman

    Co-Founder & Business Developer

    About Kevin Haelterman


    Kevin Haelterman has been active in the games industry for many years, first as a gamer and hobbyist, later through his degree in Graphic Design: Game & Digital Design and finally on a professional level as co-founder of LuGus Studios.

    During his studies, Kevin takes his first steps in the industry with a stimulating internship at Vertigo Games. Two months after graduating, his desire to build a game studio of his own comes to life with the founding of LuGus Studios, where his team and him have created successes such as Battle for Donetsk and Liftoff. He has made it his personal mission to contribute to the creation of a Belgian games industry. In this light, he has been teaching Future Plan at the Game App Designer course at Syntra and has been a board member of the Flemish Games Association (FLEGA) since 2016.

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    Tom Lissens

    Co-founder & Artist

    About Tom Lissens

    A creative jack of all trades who took his first steps in the fine arts, until he enrolled in an architectural and interior design class and ended up in the games industry through his academic degree in Graphic Design: Game & Digital Design, after which he became co-founder of LuGus Studios.

    During his college years, Tom was able to combine his passion for art, design and 3D development, which opened the doors for an insightful internship at Vertigo Games. After graduating Tom founded LuGus Studios, where his team and he have created successes in B2B and B2C, with games such as Battle for Donetsk and Liftoff, and have become well known within the Belgian scene.

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    Kasper Adriaensen

    Programmer & Technical Artist

    About Kasper Adriaensen

    Kasper is a game development generalist who entered the game industry in a roundabout way. After his studies, where he obtained a Master in Linguistics, he started focusing full-time on his hobby. He is largely self-taught, having started out with a profound interest in game narrative, later dabbling in various artistic disciplines, and finally learning the ropes of the more technical aspects of building a game. After working on a number of personal projects, he is now proud to call himself a member of the LuGus team.


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    Tom Schaessens


    About Tom Schaessens

    Tom has a Master’s degree in Computer Science: Multimedia. He’s a programmer with an healthy interest in the mathematical side of game mechanics and an unhealthy interest in JRPGs. He completed his Master’s thesis and internship at LuGus Studios, making tools for painterly animations in games. His paper received the “AMDO 2014 Most Suitable for Commercial Application” award. A year after his successful internship he got the opportunity to be part of the LuGus team.

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    Jan Discart


    About Jan Discart

    Jan’s interest in game development began during the years of his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science when built a custom editor for creating 2D RPG games. While doing his Master thesis at LuGus, he researched the viability of the web browser as a potential platform for multiplayer games. Afterwards, he took up a degree in game development at HoWest, where he further honed his programming and gained new skills such as 3D modeling and texturing. Maintaining contact with LuGus ultimately led to the opportunity to become a part of this great team.

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    Chiel Cauberghs


    About Chiel Cauberghs

    Inspired by games, Chiel got his Bachelor’s degree in Communication & multimedia design with a focus on Game Design. During this course he found his passion in art in which he improved his skills in concept art, 3D modelling and texturing. Chiel can easily adapt to certain workflows and knows his way in multiple software packages like: Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Designer & Painter, Unity… After his internship and several freelance jobs at LuGus Studios he pretty much forced  😉 his way in and became a part of the team.

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